Team Building Games

When you are the boss of a business and you have employees you will want to make sure everyone gets a long. The best way to ensure everyone works as a team is to play games that build teamwork. However, you may not know what games to play, here is a few games you can play with your team.

1.The game of possibilities, this is where you split up into teams of three to five people and you pass out an object to one member of the team. The person that has the object has to stand up and demonstrate how that object is used and the team has to try and guess what the object is.

2.Winner or Loser and this is where there are teams of two people and one person tells the other person something happens in their life and the other person has to tell them the same story back to them but with positive they could have done to make the outcome differently.

3.Scavenger Hunts are always a good team building exercise. You hide things around the office and then you write up clue cards as to where these objects are. You split the employees up into teams and give them the clue cards. They have to work together to find the items you hid by using the clue cards you gave them.

  1. Mingle with a purpose is where you encourage employees to walk around and share what they learned from an employee meeting and talk about things that were discussed.

5.The human knot is another good team building game that can be played to build teamwork. Everyone gets in a circle and criss cross their arms interlinked to one another and then try to get free in a certain amount of time without letting go of each others hands.

  1. The Escape room is where you would meet up at another business and they place you in a room and you all have to use clues to find the way out. The escape room is the ultimate team building game.
  1. The mind field is a great game to play and all you have to do is where you use a big open space and lay out objects on the ground spread apart from one another. You split up into teams of two and one person wears a blind fold while the rest of the team has to tell them how to get around the objects without hitting them.
  1. An egg drop is a fun game to play. You split everyone up into teams of about five people and give them a few objects and an uncooked egg. They have to build something around the egg with the objects to keep the egg from breaking when it is dropped.

9.Jigsaw puzzles is an easy quiet game that can be played. You give each time a jig saw puzzle they have to complete together and the first team done gets a prize.

10.Truth or lie is where you place everyone in a circle and each person has to write down two truths and one lie. Then you go around and take turns sharing what you wrote down and the other people have to guess which one is the lie.

11.Drawing a picture blind is a neat little exercise that can be done to make employees work together. You sit back to back and give one person a piece of paper and pencil and the other a object. The person with the object has to describe the picture for the other person to draw.

Lastly there is simply sitting down and getting to know each other.