Weddings are meant to be a fun affair with lavish décor, larger than life celebration and lip-smacking food. So why not move away from the age-old tradition of having a full-fledged menu to a mini bar setup? These bite-sized food bars will leave your guests with a flavourful palate. Here are a few mini food bar ideas to give your guests a gastronomy experience to remember!

  • Have a mithai bar with all sorts of jalebis, laddoos and barfi in all different flavours.
  • If you gonna have a mithai bar, you gotta have a namkeen bar too comprising of chivda, bhujia, chips etc to strike a balance.
  • Give your guests options to quench their thirst by setting up a liquid bar.
  • Set up a DIY salad station with all kinds of fresh and exotic veggies with different types of dressings.
  • Set up a chat counter with panipuri, Kolkata special jhaalmudi, sevpuri etc.
  • Introduce your guests to new flavours by having a tea and coffee bar.Mini Bar
  • Have a healthy but tasty fruits bar with all sorts of citrusy and sweet fruits.
  • Visit your childhood by setting up a chuski bar with all-time favourite flavours like kalekhaata, kacchikairi, jaljeeraetc.
  • Set up a snacks bar with foxnuts, popcorn etc for not so hungry soul.
  • No wedding is complete without mukhwaas. So, have a bar serving paan, jal-jeeragolis and much more!
  • Change the way people eat soup by serving it in a shot glass at the soup bar.
  • Set up a make your own ice cream bar with sprinklers and sauces.
  • Indulge in mini cupcakes at the cake bar if ice cream is not your thing.
  • Treat your sweet tooth with marshmallows, gummy bears, etc at the candy bar.
  • Get a feel of being in Italy at the cheese bar serving cheddar, feta, parmesan etc.
  • A cheese bar is incomplete without a wine bar. Cheese and wine are after all a classic combination.
  • Have a pickle bar to strike a balance between sweet, spicy and sour.
  • Treat your guests with the goodness of milk at the milkshake bar.
  • India is a land of curries, so it only makes sense to have a variety of finger linking curries at this bar.
  • Have a bread counter with tandoori roti, naan, roomali roti etc. to accompany the curries.
  • Tickle the taste buds with 99 variety of dosas at the dosa bar.
  • Set up mini idli bar which is not only cute to the eyes but yummy too.
  • Give parathas a twist by having pizza style mini parathas in finger-licking flavours.
  • Give a chance to the guests to soothe their palates at the flavoured yoghurt counter.
  • For all the rice fans out there, have a flavourful rice bar serving different varieties.
  • Set up a fondue bar with exotic veggies, chips or anything else you can think of!

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  • Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate – well, one can never get enough of chocolates!