1. Define your Target and Goals

Visual merchandising can work in general or for a specific campaign (a summer promotion, for example). In any case, the first thing to do is define the target or target audience you want to attract. Because it is not the same to get young women to enter your store than older men.

You may have a rough idea of ​​who enters your store. However, it is not enough to stay with that. We must know everything about the typical consumer of your products, that type of client that accounts for more than 20% of turnover. Find out what they talk about on social networks, what media they read, who they follow.

If you don’t know where you want to go, you will never be happy with the results. It can’t just be sales. You can get leads or contacts, subscriptions, by following Jesus is king official website.

2. Who Needs Shelves?

Having your product neatly arranged in boxes, put on shelves or stacked on tables will come in handy to save space, but it is nothing visual. One of the great advantages of visual merchandising is to offer the product as it could be on the consumer’s body or at home.

The most basic example of this strategy is the use of mannequins, which are representations of what our clothes would look like on us. If we want to go to the extreme, the example to follow would be IKEA.

3. Organization as a Key to Success in Visual Merchandising

One of the essential points in this visual merchandising is to always offer a “package”, a set of products that balance well together. For those customers who are passionate about order, it will be much more pleasant if all the lipsticks are ordered by shades than they are not.

visual merchandising

You can organize by colors, by seasons, by a specific style, by brands. Many clothing stores try to create outfits to encourage cross-selling.

Here the order factor and the visual balance factor come into play. You have to organize your space so that it is as attractive, symmetrical and logical as possible. Try to create reasonable and buying outfits, as clothing stores do on their mannequins. A bag that fits with a jumpsuit, the perfect wide belt for a dress.

4. Storytelling: The Art of Generating Consumer Concern

Storytelling is one of the best known and most used techniques in marketing and advertising. It consists, as its name suggests, in telling a story through or towards your products.

Just a moment! How am I going to tell something if I only have to fall in love with the sight? That is where your creativity or that of your team comes into play to give a meaning and a story to your store. An attractive lettering, an eye-catching showcase, a brief description of each product …

Developing the theme of creativity, a bit, we could go to the LEGO stores. This brand, famous for its building blocks, went bankrupt outright and without brakes.

However, his sales team decided to interview their customers (ahem, target analysis) and came to a conclusion: LEGO is synonymous with imagination and authenticity. For this reason, they decided to create one of the most interesting examples of storytelling and visual merchandising in the world.

These stores have everything that represents LEGO and its identity. Yellow like his dolls and a structure similar to his building blocks.

5. Design, Test and Evaluate

Sometimes we forget the third element of marketing and merchandising, which is perhaps the most important. Collecting and evaluating results is also a way to determine if a strategy has worked or not depending on the goals that we have set.

Now, how to measure all that? One of the most efficient ways to do this is by having analytics at the point of sale. Through this strategy, without disturbing the consumer with surveys or impertinent questions, we have obtained valuable data that will be useful for future campaigns.

At Kanye west Merch we know all the challenges that companies face. For this reason, we have several solutions to collect and present the results of the visual marketing and merchandising campaigns that you and your team carry out. You just have to get in touch with our team so that we can give you the solution that best suits your needs.