There are so many unique experiences to have during the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years’ holidays are great to share moments with family and friends and there’s no easier way to connect with those close to us than through personal or corporate holiday events! So, let us assume that you have decided to take on the challenge of putting your network on one of the many holiday events during the season, you’ve got X number of RSVPs and your event marketing is taken care of by event production companies in Dubai.

1. Pick a few items everyone loves

While you are never going to please everyone, if you choose a few items that everyone can enjoy, you will come to a lot closer to achieving that goal; you can save money by providing a few items rather than “covering all the bases.” Keep in mind the dietary needs and personal preferences of the people; not everyone drinks alcohol or eats meat, but most people who drink alcohol and eat meat can eat and drink. An even easier way to provide the food and drink items that people want during holiday events is by asking some people to bring dishes, snacks, and drinks to share.

2. Theme

Selecting a theme for your holiday events will make it really fun! From a hideous sweater celebration to a complete winter wonderland, the theme you pick can be anything (Endless will most definitely be partying with ugly sweaters)! Including dress codes, food choices, cocktail types and decor you should schedule everything around your theme. If it’s a winter wonderland themed party, you can have snowflakes projecting lights all over the room! Or decorate the interior with twinkling white and blue lights, tinsel, white and blue glitter, and artificial snow. If you decide to go with an ugly sweater party, having prizes for the best sweaters at the end of the night is a great way to ensure everyone is participating.

3. The Entertainment

Music is usually a great aspect of a great night. A strong DJ will be able to take any event to the next level. They are trained to read a crowd, and to play exactly what guests need to have for a great time. They can bring everybody out onto the dance floor. However, music isn’t the only way to entertain. Consider hiring the holiday events with a performer, dance crew or acrobats. This will make the guests talk about a fun memorable experience long after the event is over. Don’t always go for the lowest price when recruiting entertainers. Whoever you hire, his/her image will be affected. Quality, confidence, and luxury are more important than a lower bid. Remember, don’t save the best till the end of the event program, the visitors may be exhausted, hung-over, or worried about getting home. We recommend that you showcase your biggest entertainment in the middle of your event to ensure that everyone who will be at the event gets to experience it.

4. Activities are Key

Interactive aspects are essential to a successful event. Try hands-on games for holiday events, such as a Gingerman construction station or a photo booth with enjoyable vacation props.

5. Use Lighting to Enhance Your Atmosphere

Rather than spending a lot of money on expensive floral scenes, lavish linens and centerpieces choose great lighting effects to enhance your event’s atmosphere. Lighting will take on a bland location at holiday events and turn it into a truly extraordinary spot. Work in close collaboration with your event management Agency in Dubai that will assist you in planning safely your next holiday season event and the audio-visual team to make your lighting work. They can find creative ways to position and use lighting at the venue to enhance the setting.

6. Enjoy the Event

The guests shouldn’t be the only people at the holiday event to enjoy themselves! If something isn’t working out as expected for whatever reason, don’t stress it! Chances are your visitors would be busy having a good time to care anyway! Are you ready to allow your close-one memories for many holiday events to come? We have trust in you!


Thinking for your event preparation outside of the box will not only be enjoyable for you to perform but also pleasant for your attendants to experience. We wish everyone a fun event practice and we look forward to seeing the outstanding experiences you all have in mind!