If the happiness and satisfaction of your kid is your priority, you wouldn’t want him or her to stay home all through the holiday. You certainly will want them to engage in activities that will enable themto have quality time learning while still having fun. There is a multitude of great school holiday activities in Malaysia which you can take advantage of. To help you better understand what you are paying for and make it easy for you to decide when to take your kid out for a visit to KidZania, here are few of the numerous activities to consider.

Fingerprint Dusting andUV-Light Experiment

Forensic science is quickly advancing as new and better technologies are being invented on daily basis. But even with the ever-increasing forensic science technologies, fingerprint dusting still remains one of the best pieces of evidence. KidZania has organized a fingerprint dusting event to be held on the CSI Establishment to help kids better understand the various fingerprint types as well as get to know the unique fingerprint patterns. UV light experiment is another forensic-related event expected to be held in the Jail Area which aims to help kids to better search crime scenes and solve cases related to fake currencies with the assistance of UV light.


Build Robot and Drone Challenge

The build your robot challenge is another of the great school holiday activities in Malaysia for kids expected to take place behind the Bananana Theatre. It is expected to help educate kids on how to code and develop their own robots. The event intends to help kids make real robots while still boosting their creativity and logical thinking. The Drone Obstacle Challenge is likewise another great event that will take place in the same venue on selected dates. It is intended to help kids understand the way to assemble magnetic Airblocks to create a drone that will be driving through a range of obstacles which every junior pro-drone pilot faces. The challenge intends to enable youto practice and better your focusing and hand-eye coordination skills.

Internet Awesomeness and Emoji Hunt

Expected to be held in the Notebook Factory, the Be Internet Awesome event aims to educate kids on the digital citizenship details in a safe, fun, and educative manner to enable them better explore the online world more confidently. As for the Emoji Scavenger Hunt event, it will be held in the Event Space venue will give you an opportunity to scavenge through a room full of unnoticeable emojis and stand the chance to win kool freebies.

The Light Tail Photography

Another of the amazing school holiday activities in Malaysia for kids is the Light Tail Photography event scheduled to take place in the Canon Imaging Studio. This event aims to provide kids with an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity while still boosting their photography skills by capturing light movement.

Sharpen Your VR Gaming Skills

This awesome event will be held at the job information center and is intended to give you the excitement and exposure you desire while still learning to play the VR game.  It’s offered as a bonus activity so it will be free of charge.