In this post we provide a few advice from our experts’ which can enable you to handle your printing infrastructure. The printing direction hints are exemplified with a Canon printing driver in a Microsoft Windows environment. These however can often be interpreted into some other printer manufacturer / seller.

Has your workplace noticed a lot of days of surplus color use? How about an excessive amount of paper use because of single sided printing? Follow the following steps to help suppress your surplus utilization.

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  1. Default the Common Print Driver to Black and White

Most work environments use a print server using a professionally hosted print driver that’s shared to employees throughout the workplace. Your IT admin may log in the machine and default the motorist to white and black to all persons utilizing the motorist.

These measures may also be used in a neighborhood environment, and that means you’re able to change your print driver on a workstation too.

Step 1

Proceed to print direction on the machine or printers and devices on a web site.

Click on the driver you Want to default and choose printer possessions’

Step 2

Navigate into the tab and choose print defaults’

Step 3:

Select Black and White’ as the printing option.

After choosing white and black click use’ then’fine’ to exit the printing driver defaults.

Step 4:

Click Ok’ on the properties display of this printing driver and you are finished!

If that is done on a host it is going to take a couple of minutes to roll out on the regional network. The change is instantaneous if performed right on a desktop computer.

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  1. Use Two Drivers Rather Than One!

That is an optional strategy. In certain environments, it’s more suitable to have (two ) of the exact same print drivers and also to default to either colour or black and white. Take your IT admin produce a duplicate printing driver and then rename it to reflect the default settings.

Employing expert hint #1, 1 driver can be set to colour and another to white and black.

  1. Default Printing to Double Sided

In certain environments printer drivers are usually placed to single sided printing. If that is causing ineffective paper use or your business attempts to execute a few greener’ practices, follow these basic steps.


Utilizing Guru Tip #1′ as a principle, navigate into the drivers default option settings.


Select ‘2-sided printing’

Click Apply and Ok according to above and you are done.

  1. Restricting Safety on A Printing Driver

There are instances in a few office environments where improved safety is required to limit the end user’s choices on altering settings. Typically, we’d observe these kinds of security implementations performed in business environments or in environments with wasteful spending despite a number of these steps listed above.

These measures are for Microsoft Windows domain surroundings and therefore are supposed to be applied on a printing server.


Proceed to print direction on the machine.

Click on the driver you Want to default and choose printer possessions’

Navigate to the ‘Security’ tab.


Select Everybody’

Uncheck Handle this printer’

Click Apply.

By setting this measure it will stop all customers domains from making any alterations to the print driver, such as the configurations of colour and single sided printing. This will lock the motorist.

Step 3 (Optional):

As an optional your IT admin can add certain groups or users to have the ability to manage this particular printer, thus restoring the capability to control the motorist in the background level. IE — place to colour, single sided, etc…

Click on the Insert button.

Your system admin then selects the proper person or persons to control the motorist.

Be certain the choice of Manage This’ Printer’ is assessed for the extra group or user.

Hit OK to be certain that the driver settings are stored.

  1. Department IDs or User Codes

Were you aware that from the box MFP’s possess the capacity for increased colour management and monitoring? The idea would be to assign a particular ID and or Code per department or user.

When colour printing is triggered a pop-up will probably happen at the printing driver degree that will prompt the user to enter their ID and or Code. Applying this method your company can enable fundamental monitoring of utilization and excess expenses.