You might know very well about the concept of copyright and music licensing. This post will explain how copyright would be broken down into areas, its implication on music licensing for new media developers and then how copyright free music emerges.

Think of the music royalty income as a pie and that is divided into several portions. There are many or the few peoples which are claiming the ownership and income for the same pot of money. The mainstream music industry has many people who are demanding the share and therefore licensing of the music is very complex. Mainstream music is very expensive to license and their ar typical many parties which are controlling the different aspects of the musical copyright. For example, there is a copyright in the composition, musical score, recording, arrangement and the lyrics.

If you look from the perspective of the media creator who is looking for a license for a piece of music, then there are 3 main licensing aspects which need to be considered. These are synchronization, Performance, and Mechanical which are illustrated below.

There are various interpretations of mechanical and performance which is used. This has become very open to the interpretation of the internet user has been increased. Many countries have different copyright legislation which is adding the complication.


The music licensing policies were developed in 1930 onwards which are based on the copyright legislation of the day. The income for the major labels was the focus and the instantly global distribution. The home recording studios are inconceivable. After that, the things have really changed but the music licensing and the copyright principles are still largely the same which are having numerous fix patches that are used for accommodating the media types and the usages. This has become the foundation for all the music which are licensing and are available today.

The copyright free music is all the separate licensing section of the music industry. The development in the history currently defines how all the music license is working in relation to the localized copyright law. There are also few exceptions to this like Creative Commons which is a fairly new movement that is approaching the music licensing with the modern perspective. Their website is quoting that they are providing the free license and all the other legal tools which are used in marking the creative work which is giving the freedom to the creator so that they can carry, share, remix, and that can be used commercially and in the combination thereof.

This new model which is coming into the shoes of the old ones is causing the problems to the people who are trying to protect the copyright law.