All millennials nowadays are playing the Fortnite game like crazy. The young generation is a very big fan of the game. Basically, the game is all about living in action. From famous rappers to professional game players, the game has gained popularity worldwide. Millions of people have already downloaded the game and the numbers are still rising. If you want to learn more about Fortnite game, then read here.

The Fortnite game is an action game designed by using Unreal Engine 4 from the Epic games. In the game, you’ll lead a group of heroes to reclaim your home and rebuild it. All there is left of your homeland is ashes and mysterious darkness known as “The Storm”. You’ll experience building extravagant forts and find insane weapons to protect your home from the strange monsters. It is an action-packed the game with interesting modes.

The massively multiplayer online video game includes two modes in the early access. The first mode is Save the World, and the second one is Battle Royale. If you choose to play the Battle Royale mode, then more than 100 players can play the game at once. There is one giant map, a battle bus, destructive environments, and your team has to prove their building and combat skills at all cost. Luckily, the game is available for various platforms including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Apple phones
  • Android phones

But the Save the World mode is available only for PC users and consoles platforms. The two modes are explained below.

Booming Battle Royale Genre with Fortnite

Save the World: In this mode, your homeland will experience the wrath of The Storm and almost 98% of the population will be vanished. And still, the monsters will be left on the land. As you survive, you gather up a team of 4 other players and lead the team of Heroes to save the world from The Storm and its monsters. You will save other survivors and explore a large world which is on the brink of destruction. No two games will be the same so you and your team will need to improve your fighting skills, crafts, weapons, and find loot to level up the heroes.

Battle Royale: In this mode, 100 players indulge in a Battlebus and fight against each other in a virtual plane.  You will find free loot, weapons, consumables, and different other things. This mode is inspired by the Japanese novel Battle Royale where the last standing person will be the winner.

The main gameplay element of the game is building. After all, there is a reason why the game has a fort in its name. As you reconstruct your homeland again, you’ll gather raw materials like wood, bricks, metal, etc to finish the task. Enjoy the free game and experience the primeval and animated splendors of the game. To learn more about Fortnite game, you can start playing right away. It has already more than 200 million players, why don’t add one in the numbers.