Many men fall for this mistake. Too much zeal is a bad idea. The band has just arrived (or is about to come), and the music isn’t as loud as the rest of the evening. Therefore, you may think that now is the best time to approach a good-looking girl at the bar counter,wrong. The girl has come to have fun and also wants to do it the rest of the night and not talk to a random guy who obviously wants to take her home and have sex.

In the early evening, you should just make friends with people. Walk around and throw in overkill and compliment on people, exchange a few words and continue your journey. You want to give people a nice picture of yourself and make them see you as a social guy who knows everyone at the club (you will surely understand why this is a good thing). Towards the end of the evening, when the girls are having enough parties and want to go to the next level, you can focus on one girl (or a few) and spend more time with them. Maybe you can even take one of them home. You can head for the Top Toronto Clubs also and there you can come up with the best time.

Approach warmly, Trust in acquaintance

Is not it annoying when you are having a good time at the club and someone comes up to you to say something like, “Hi, nice to meet you, I am so and so,” and then goes on to jorinaa bored with you? Not to mention how weird it is, right?

Well, girls don’t like that either, because they’re in the nightclub drinking, dancing and having fun. So don’t go telling them your life story as if they were your colleagues or something like that. Trust the acquaintance. Go up to the girl and tell them “how are you doing” and relax. Usually, her girlfriends will try to surround you if you approach her directly. However, if you act like you know a girl, they will assume that you are her friend through something and will let you continue.

Ignore Negative Energy, Continue on the same pattern

It is inevitable that you will be rejected at times (usually almost always), and that is fine. You have to realize that it is not your fault, but the girl may have a boyfriend or was interested in something else at the same time. It could also be some other stupid reason. After all, he can’t control everything in you, because he can’t possibly know everything about you. So the reason is not yours. Don’t sweat or give in to negative feelings, which will lead us to:

Don’t get stuck with your thoughts, Enjoy your party

Being rejected is deep, but it doesn’t have to mean that your whole evening is ruined (or your whole life). It’s just a small setback. You don’t have to analyze everything wrong and stay mournful. As said, maybe the girl had something else in mind. You can never know with certainty, so don’t stress but stay strong. After all, that girl lost a HUGE chance to be with you, it’s her loss, not yours.