Great Kid’s Fun and Learning Activities in Malaysia

With so many wonderful activities in Malaysia that entertain while still educating your kids, weekends and holidays should no longer be spent indoors doing nothing more than engaging in unconstructive activities. As a parent, you have to know what activities are ideal for your kids and the best time to take them there.  KidZania is the world’s best kid’s dominated city of fun and learning, where kids use their own money, live in their own world, and do things their own ways. Get to learn some KidZania fun activities for kids & families in KL Malaysia you have to take advantage of.

Role Play Activities

KidZania incorporates a whole lot of time-tested and real-life role-play activities to indulge your kid in the skills they require to understand themselves better and be in a position to manage their current and future lives. All the role play activities offered here involve simulated real-life occupations like piloting, doctoring, engineering, nursing, surgical operations, teaching and lots more. The activities are made to provide a golden opportunity for the kids to have fun and learn at the same time, to help them become more creative, self-empowered, independent, and confident.

Educational Value Activities

KidZania also provides plenty of experiential learning activities.  They use advanced learning approaches to ensure they inspire kids to be objective in following and achieving life goals. Through these activities, kids are immersed in simulated real-life occupations that trigger their inquisitiveness, making them more reactive and understanding. KidZania is a themed edutainment center that is certified in offering co-curricular activities and other learning and teaching modules for teachers and kids. It’s the center for learning where kids can take vocabulary enhancing tests to grow their literacy levels among their peers and sharpen their life management skills.

Family and Friends Night

This is a great event and activity that is expected to take place in KidZania. It’s planned and hosted by Projeck57 and KidZania Kuala Lumpur. It’s an event ideal for kids, their families, and friends. It provides an opportunity for participants to win a grand prize with the value of RM 1000 and other cool prizes as well. The participants will have to engage in role-play activities such as Fly FM & Hot FM studio, Fire station, Energy Control Room, Mayor’s office, KidZania Post office, Window Washing, Volvo Car Dealership, LHDN Tax Office, Design Studio, and much more.

Kids & Tech 3.0

Another of the most fun activities for kids & families in KL Malaysia is the Kids & Tech 3.0 event that aims to enlighten kids about the ever-advancing technology. The event is themed to provide an opportunity for kids to get to better understand forensic science, virtual and augmented reality, coding and robotics, and creative photography better. Kids will participate in role-play activities as specialists in any of the mentioned tech subjects. The motivation will be to make them better familiarized with these niches and prepare them with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate through different life situations.