Tarot reading is a growing practice these days. It has existed for thousands of years, and it was the Egyptians who devised this technique. And is still valid, giving accurate results.  There is a common notion about the complexity of this method, and the skeptical aura surrounding it can make it difficult to understand it.

In a world of growing knowledge where everything is available at your fingertips, the wisdom of tarot can be shared publicly without any pressure. Its science is just as exciting and productive as any other. This is essential because not every one of us can benefit from the process simply because we are not aware of it. By letting people know and gaining their trust in this method, those who feel powerless or hopeless can benefit from tarot card reading. This will give them their guiding principles to live their life to the full extent.

1.      Amaze them with the Knowledge of Past, Present, and Future:

This is the first thing you need to do for the icebreaker session. It is easy and will only require your intuition. After mastering the knowledge of what every card portrays and tells. It is high time you do your reading. The 3-card spread is a good star and can and an effortless way to involve your friends into something exciting and engaging.

The 3-card spread involves revealing of three cards in a tarot reading. The first card represents the past, the second is present, and the third stands for the future. To start with your tarot card reading. Ask your friends to divide the deck of cards into 3 division. Now shuffle each division as many times as they are comfortable with. With 3 stacks of tarot cards. Start with the first stack. Keep your mind clear and reveal the first card, which shows the past. The trick to better reading is making full use of your intuition and trusting yourself with the knowledge you have acquired about tarot cards. The revealing will not only amaze your friends but also prove your expertise in the reading.

2.      Showing off with Natural skills:

The next step is to be more personal by revealing their natural skills. This can also involve their plans, ideas, and anything that could be projected into the future. To do this, again, you must do a 3-card spread with the same rules to follow.

After you reveal the cards one by one, try to say 1 or 2 statements per card and not more. This is necessary because you do not want to show them how much you know about it because then it starts to become creepy. Often tarot card reading uses specific terminology and pictures which are beyond a novice comprehension. Therefore, keeping it simple is the trick, just like when you were learning astrology and did not know the terms in use, you do not want to scare your friends with the same thing.

3.      Love compatibility

We all ‘have our hearts dangling on a string when it comes to love and relationships. Astrological science deals with the love compatibility between two people. This love tarot reading will hit them hard and can make them trust your instinct in tarot reading. Because this is something, people can usually relate to in their life. Love compatibility can be done accurately by using a 3-card spread.

The important thing to remember is to restrain from doing a future prediction of the love compatibility. This can only work best for the past and present relationship concerns, and you can analyze it. The future, however, is a risk and can also affect the current relationship status of the couple.

4.      Career Outlook:

Another thing the tarot card reading is famous for the career opportunities it tells you about. You can know whether your career is going to take off, struggle, or find any good opportunities ahead by a tarot card reading. You can do your friends a favor and let them know how their career is going to turn out. This can also help them in their decisions regarding their business or profession. It will allow them to strategize any plans they have in mind wisely. It will also let them get rid of any fear about their career and encourage them to take new challenges.

5.      Decisions to make:

Sometimes it is us who can guide our friends to do something with their life. Advice is something only a friend can give you. Hence what better way can there be than a tarot card reading where you can advise your friends more scientifically and accurately. When your friends have concerns deal them with the decision tarot card reading. It involves the 3-way spread method. First, reveal a card which will show the situation your friend is having a question about. The second and third card will reveal two options, A and B, for what type of decision they would like to take to have a better outcome.

6.      What is their desire?

Tarot card reading can also be used to determine your natural and deepest desires. Sometimes we are all stuck in a dilemma and do not know what to do without our life. Therefore, tarot card readings are important to get us out of that confusion and let us realize our true potential. Whilst doing the tarot card reading, you can use the 3card spread or go as high a 7-card spread if you are interpreting a dream.

7.      Any Hidden Talents:

The hidden talent tarot card reading is rather an interesting one. It reveals secrets which sometimes are particularly important to us and can change the course of our lives. Sometimes we develop a fear or become too fixated on one thing and overlook what our talents are. In this case, you can impress your friends with their secret abilities, which even they are not aware of. For example, Mark is a good creative writer and has produced some amazing scripts, if the tarot card revealing found out that he has the potential to be a good actor as well. Then it’s something mark should focus on too. There are many things in which a person can be good at.