A corporate video is any video produced for business purposes. The video may be produced for reasons such as;

  • Live webcasting
  • Training new or existing employees
  • Demonstrating new products and services
  • Interviewing company leaders

Certain elements may transform your basic corporate video production into something that will help you meet your dreams. The right video can showcase your achievements or promote your brand. It may include your company’s logos, colour schemes, or mascots. The following are some of the most important elements to keep in mind during corporate video production.

  1. Have a Clear Purpose

It is pointless to create a video if you don’t have a clear purpose. Different corporate videos have different purposes. Some of the most common ones include; finding new employees, improving sales, and promoting new products. When you have a clear objective, you can come up with a plan to meet it. Even though all businesses may wish to appeal to everyone, your video should target a specific audience.

  1. Professional Feel

Invest your time, money, and effort to create a video that looks and feels professional. Work with a reputable and experienced video production company to deliver a video that can stand out from the competition. Videos can be a huge part of your marketing strategy and they deserve to be a part of your budget.

  1. Appeal to Emotions

The right brand video production must appeal to the emotions of your target audience. Most purchase decisions are based on emotions. Even though it is important to promote your product with facts and figures, the information may turn out to be boring for the average viewer. If you really want to influence their decision, you must appeal to their senses.

  1. Proper Distribution

After creating the perfect video. You must put in some effort to distribute it properly. This is very important if the goal of your video is to reach a specific audience or promote specific products. It is pointless to have a well-made video if the target audience is not going to see it. Some of the most appropriate platforms to share your video include platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. You may also use your company website.

  1. Use Both Audio and Visual Elements

Studies by the Harvard Business Review suggest that people remember 20% of the things they hear and 30% of the things they see. Combining strong visual and audio features can make your video memorable. A good video should not only focus on visuals but spoken word as well. Use animations, music, and colour schemes to make your video interesting.

visual elements

Your corporate video is serious business but it doesn’t need to be boring. With the help of the right video agency, you can use your video to convince employees to work for you, promote new products, educate your employees, or market your brand.

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