A lot of people believe that playing drums is a child’s play since you just have to beat it with a stick. But that is simply not true. It’s an intricate and nuanced instrument which requires years of hard work and practice to master. It’s also one of the most interesting instruments due to its history and evolution, let’s discuss some lesser known facts about drums.


Initially drums were just natural objects which people would hit to produce a sound but as the society advanced, they evolved into a much more dignified instrument. Today drums are produced and played globally. It is not just a passion but also a profession to a lot of people.


In ancient timespeople from various countries, especially inAfrica and India, used drums for long range communications between villages.


Yes, that’s actually true, drumming does help you to remain fit. A 30-minute drumming session burns more calories than cycling, weight lifting, and hiking. So, if you are not a gym person but want to keep your body in shape then you can hit a drumming lesson instead.


Research suggests that drumming can act as a great distraction to alleviate pain. Drumming encourages production of endorphins and endogenous opioids, which are natural painkillers produced by the human body. We can say that, drumming twice a day can keep the doctor away!


Listening to the rhythms produced by the drums can be a great form of meditation and playing the drums fast and with energy acts as a great work out for the body. Both of these together turn out to be a great mood enhancer.


It has been proven that playing a musical instrument increases academic performance since it increases your child’s focus and fosters better cognitive development. But that can be done by learning any instrument, why are drumming lessons necessary then?

Well, that’s because there’s a link between rhythm and percussion which makes maths easier for students to understand. The skills that your child learns from a drumming lesson can be easily transferred to maths, which makes the concepts more concrete since children can relate to it in their real life.

In fact, playing drums requires you to coordinate all your four limbs so that they work together, this makes you use both sides of your brain simultaneously. Therefore, drumming can be a really good activity to stimulate brain activity.

Drumming keeps you calm yetexcite your nerves, it provides the stability that you need yet doesn’t deprive you of the adrenaline rush which makes you feel all energetic and giddy. Its truly a full package for the human body.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your drumming sticks and enrol yourself into a drumming lesson. I’m sure that Toronto has a lot to offer when it comes to drumming and you never know may you can be the next drumming sensation of the country.