If you have your color pen, you’ll be able to save some money when visiting the fields, as you won’t have to hire a gun. If you want to apply camouflage paint to your color gun, we recommend Forest Camouflage pattern that uses a mixture of khaki, brown, and jungle green. Desert camouflage pattern uses a light brown color and a lighter shade of khaki. Snow camouflage comes in white and light grey shades.

Before you start painting the gun, you must remove any of the peripherals that you do not want to draw, such as the feeder or the barrel, by removing them. Also, remove any loose parts of the paintball in Melbourne, such as the latch, which can be removed with a set of Allen keys. The areas you do not want to paint with paper and tape should be hidden. This must include an opening in the gun.

paintball run

You should spray the gun with your lightest paint and let it dry 100%. After that, flip it over and spray the other side with the same paint. Sprinkle the hexagon with your medium-coloured paint in a zigzag up and down, on both sides, and let it dry after painting the sides. Sprinkle the gun with your darkest paint in several patches on each side of the colour gun. These patches do not have to be perfect circles, and they can be applied randomly across the sides of the gun.

After completing all these steps, remove the covering tape and start reassembling the gun after the final blemishes have completely dried.

Aside from applying the camouflage pattern to the rifle, you can also attach an automatic feeder instead of the standard elbow feeder if you want to increase the feed rate of the balls into the gun, thereby increasing the rate of a potential fire.

Another option to customize the gun is to use a front grip to run the carbon dioxide line through a grip in front of the pistol grip. This extra grip will allow you to shoot the gun more comfortably with both hands, and will enable you to hold it firmly for a more consistent shot.

If you can, buy a laser point and secure it over the colour gun to indicate where you aim. Although these products are reliable to ensure injury – paint balls drop dramatically over long distances and can also bend left / right, depending on the wind – this laser point can improve your efficiency by letting you know the general direction of your shots.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your own paintball in Melbourne. While some are mainly intended for aesthetic purposes, others can genuinely boost the performance of the gun, giving you more opportunities in the field, where it matters.