We come across a number of people in our daily life and our ears happen to hear a number of phones ringing everyday. There are some popular ringtones that are heard quite frequently. These are mostly from Bollywood or English album collections. However, there are some other categories that are not heard quite often but are still in great demand. Let’s have a quick look at such collections-

  • Sound Effects:

They again are further classified as-

  • Nature: Who doesn’t wants to be in touch with nature amidst the cacaphony of busy city life? The chirping of birds, the trickling of rain drops, the sound of a stream flowing, the calm movement of river, wind in trees and rustling of leaves; any of these are enough to make many of us spell bound. And when these sound effects are set as tones on the phone, it provides a different level of satisfaction. It’s like music to the ears.
  • The Movies: Movies are never out of Vogue, especially the sound effects used in them leave a mark on people’s minds for a long period of time. It lingers in the mind even after the movie is finished. Movies like Bahubali, Wonderwoman, Justice League etc have come up with some really cool sound effects in these recent years. There had been some good sound effects in movies in the past too and the quality will only improve more in future. So, these are very well welcomed by keen movie observers.

  • Baby sounds: Babies have magical power of turning anyone’s anger into laughter. There is another kind of joy in listening to baby sounds. Therefore, people like setting baby sounds in their phones to hear them everytime their phones buzz.
  • Children:

It is indeed true that happy and contented are those who are child at heart. Adults might grow in size and maturity but there will be none whose lips doesn’t turn into a lovely curve when ‘Hakuna Matata’ plays on their phones. No one can escape from the charm of dysney world. Tom and Jerry can always relieve you from all the stress and take you back to your childhood. Hence these tones never lose their importance and are always in demand.

  • Pets and Animals:

Everyone might hurt you in one way or the other atleast once in your life time, but never your pets. This collection is dedicated to them. If you want to hear them even when you are out of their reach,, choose these cute tones and feel their presence everytime someone calls you up.

Apart from that there are many keen wild life observers among us. The growling of a lion, neighing of a horse, hissing of la snake are all they love to hear. This offers a different kind of comfort to them. Hence, are much in demand.

Don’t you ever settle for the common and most downloaded ones. Everyone wants to be numero uno. Show your uniqueness through your ringtones’ choice.