A thriller, upcoming movie Mental Hai Kya (English translation – Are you insane?) is slated for release for24th May this year. Starring acting stalwarts Rajkumar Rao and Kangana Ranaut, the movie belongs to the genre of comedy-crime-drama. Mental Hai Kya revolves around the theme of sanity versus craziness and few posters released by the producer, Balaji Motion Pictures last year, also depicted the lead stars surrounded by crime scenes and related weapons.

With promise of being a super-duper hit, this movie is surely going to offer the Indian audience sneak peek into what black comedy is all about and its relevance in the world today.  All you thriller lovers who have waiting for years and months for a meaningful hard-hitting drama cum thriller, it is the right time to get your tickets booked for Mental Hai Kya.

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If you are someone who loves dramatics and the acting skills of Kangana and Rajkumar, Mental Hai Kya is surely not worth giving a miss at all. With most movie theatres already open and accepting advance bookings for this movie, get your seats booked online today using a retailer website or App. Relax and chill comfortably and catch the first show first day with absolute ease.