There is no other website that comes close to Netflix when it comes to online movie streaming. The US-born company has taken the movie world to another level with affordable online movie subscriptions said to be over 130 million over 190 nations to date.

When we are talking about 130 million subscriptions, this does not refer to the number of people that use NetFlix. A regular NetFlix account allows 2 users to connect from 2 different location using the same account. Upgrades allow more than this with family subscriptions allowing up to 4 people. It is reasonable to assume the viewer numbers for Netflix are over 200 million at the moment.

According to Similar Web, Netflix is the world’s 20th most visited website. Now considering there are over 1.5 billion of websites on the World Wide Web at this moment, number 20 is a pretty amazing feat and something the Netflix team can be extremely proud of.

Right now Netflix is up there with sites like Reddit, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to name but a few of the World Wide Web’s most visited sites. With is operations reaching over 190 countries such as its Netflix Italia catalogo, Disney, AT&T, and HBO have had t invest heavily to try to maintain their market positioning. In fact, these 3 movie giants are now playing catch up as Netflix flew past all 3 of them in the ratings.

How Has Netflix Emerged As The World’s Leading Movie Site?

One of the best assets to Netflix global expansion is the company’s willingness to take subscriptions in countries where other companies will not risk due to high levels of financial fraud.

Netflix really does not need to worry too much about fraudsters simply because its product offers connectivity to servers. If it turns out the subscription created was a result of fraud, the account used can be cut off. In essence, Netflix has lost nothing because the movies are still available and no one has stolen any physical assets from the company.

On the other hand, when it comes to selling physical goods online, the cost of the continual use of fraud is just not worth the effort for many businesses. The profit margins are just too low if you are constantly sending out DVDs only for the bank to reverse the transaction because the financial facility used to buy the product was used illegitimately.

Currently, the most popular countries include Netflix USA, Netflix India, Netflix UK, and Netflix Italia. It is said that there is also a huge following in China but legally, or officially at least, China does not allow connectivity to Netflix, but as with most websites banned in China, people get around this using VPNs.

Some Interesting Facts About Netflix Dominance

Here are some interesting facts about Netflix that are just proof of the pudding when it comes to global Netflix dominance: (Figures represent 2018, as we do not have 2019’s figures just yet).

  • In the first 9 months of 2018 Netflix is said to have made $14.9 billion in revenue.
  • The overall profits from the above figure are $1.3 billion
  • Netflix expects to reach over 145 million subscribers in 2019
  • The company has won 23 Emmy Awards
  • Netflix has overtaken HBO in popularity
  • Netflix expects to beat HBOs Emmy awards collection