Different cities in India boast about their different specialities. Even if you are living in a busy city like Chennai, you can find many things to do. Apart from engaging in work and office deadlines; people in Chennai can also make the most of events. Of course, if you have any interest or hobby; go ahead and look for the events. You are going to end up with so many options and alternatives.

You can easily get Events in chennai for your pleasure and delight. Below are some events and activities that are going to give a new meaning to your daily life. Your routine and weekends are going to become exciting and thrilling once you have started enrolling yourself in different events. No matter you are a child, middle aged person or an old man; events are there for everyone!


Do you have any taste for karting? If yes then go ahead and check out an event getting organized on Saturday November 11th by Cleartrip Local. This event is going to fill the participants with pleasure and delight. It is going to be held at Island Grounds, Chennai.  Here you can experience the adventure of Go-karting on an international-standard track. It is indeed a golden opportunity for all the motorsport buffs and racing lovers.

It is one of the most exciting recreational sports that are popular among people. This five minutes activity is enough for capturing the finest moments of your life and the enjoyment is boundless. You can also tag along with the fellow riders and play a tiny game by competing with each other. You can also learn about the safety measures and safety equipment that are used in this sport from the professionals. These well maintained Tracks along with professional assistance will make your experience absolutely cheerful and thrilling.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop

This workshop can prove to be life changing for you. It is going to be organized on Sunday November 12th by GLSampoorna. In this workshop, you can learn to identify your beliefs, integrate your past, and use power of the mind to form your life story as you wish it to be. There will be a lot of insight and self-analysis. You can meet the best version of you amidst this work shop. There will be experts to help you with your queries and you can feel full of aliveness.

Pedal for Nature

This exciting event is going to take place on Saturday 11th November at 4:30AM. It is an organic cycling rally that is organized by Arc Events in link with Decathlon for cause of saving natural resources and to secure traditional practices on health, food & life style that brings in healthy way of living and happiness. The idea behind this beautiful rally is to form awareness about saving natural resources, conventional practices, fitness, health, healthy life style and to endorse the significance of cycling.


So, whatever maybe your taste, you have plenty of events out there for your pleasure and merriment.