No one can deny that music can bring everything to life. Music represents human emotions better than words. That’s why every auspicious day of human life is celebrated with music. And you should never underestimate the value of entertainment at your own wedding. Tillee Music can ignite the spark that you most certainly need on your wedding day. They are one of the best Wedding Musicians & Artists around Australia. They handle the most sophisticated and valuable moments of your life and bring a new vibrant and charming feel with their signature acoustic sounds.

People might remember your wedding cake, food, or decoration. But the music you choose for your special day catches everyone’s eye. After all, it is the music which is going to move your feet. You wouldn’t want the people at your wedding to suffer just because the music is awful. Therefore, choosing the best ones is the most important decision you have to make.

Whether you want to set up a groovy mood for everyone or you want the perfect choice for your first dance, the band you choose will play a major role in your wedding. So, instead of compromising with the options and settling for a local band, choose Tillee music. They have Artists who top the charts for wedding and corporate events. From Sydney to Melbourne, they have made a reputation for themselves by their professionalism and quality of work.

For Wedding ceremonies, Tillee Music offers a variety of options as follows:

  • Ceremony and Canapés:

Music from Spotify is played for the guests for 30 minutes as they get seated. Aisle Song, ceremony songs, and exit songs are played live for the couple. And one-hour post-ceremony/during canapés service is also included.

Wedding ceremonies

  • 3 Hour Package:

Include 2 hours of Canapés or Reception songs with your first dance. Special playlist for guests is also available.

  • 4 Hour Package:

The ceremony includes aisle song, singing song, and exit song. Canapés set is played for 45 minutes. And two sets of 45 minutes are played during the reception including your first dance. Spotify playlist will also be played in-between so that you can feel refreshed.

They also offer their service for Receptions which include Duo and DJs according to your choice. When you have a variety of options to choose from, it will be easy to select the ones which you like the most. All the packages are affordable and you will get talented artists who will light up your ceremony.

For every singer, guitarist, drummer, or bass player, music is their passion and they give their best to help others to make their wedding a more loving memory. So, are you ready to listen to Acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events? If your answer is yes, then contact Tillee Music today and hire them to play at these special events. They will set the atmosphere just the way you want and impress your guests as no one else can.