What are Picture Cars?

Picture Cars are vehicles explicitly used for film and television. From Fast and Furious to The Hunger Games, picture cars are a go-to for the entertainment industry’s need of a sleek ride on camera. Think of all the movies you’ve seen in which the main character is in a car. Those cars aren’t random. They’re very specifically chosen, usually based on how the director wants the shot to look. What can really take it to the next level, though, are those classic automobiles you can see in the likes of Herbie and The Italian Job. Classic picture cars can really set the tone of a film. In many cases, the use of period vehicles can make or break the setting of any given production. Of course, to have such beautiful specimens of historic automotive design featured in the production is to pay for it accordingly.

The Cost of Cool

Picture car rental is a lucrative business in Hollywood. Have a poke around the internet yourself, or head over to a peek at the customer-facing side of things. For example, a 1970 Dodge Challenger conjures a mental image of a simpler time. The options for filmmakers and television producers are broad even in the category of Classic Picture Cars. Some websites offer cars from as far back as the ’20s. With so many options, one might be left with a confused look and a question; where do these hot-rods come from?

The Enthusiast Element

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You may not see them very often, but a good number of classic cars carry on like some of the rest of us. That is, in spite of their age. You can thank your local Automotive Enthusiast for that. Whether they’re headed to a car show or simply taking a spin around town, enthusiasts love to showcase the look of a well-taken-care-of classic. Some enthusiasts hold the opinion that there’s no better way for the world to see a good old-fashioned people mover than to have it on the silver screen. Therefore, picture car rental companies get their inventory, in part, from enthusiasts, and those enthusiasts share in the profit. It’s almost like a temp service for your car, and many consider the best part to be the look behind the scenes that comes from owning the screen-worthy machine of the day.

The End of the Road

Classic picture cars can be used to great effect in putting a film above the rest. It’s surprising how much business goes into such a common object in movies and television. In fact, cars are so common onscreen that most won’t notice the vehicle unless something is awry. So, next time you see a hardtop rolling by in your favorite show, know that each one is backed by an industry. One made of enthusiasts who truly do have a passion for classic cars.