Being away from home can be a great adventure. Exploring new places and meeting lots of new friends along the way can broaden the mind as they say. While travelling can bring a new lease of life, it is still nice to relax with some home comforts like having a relaxed evening in front of some of your favourite TV shows.

Yet, being away from home may mean that you don’t have access to the content you normally watch. It can be frustrating if you can’t stay up to date with your favourite shows but just because you are away doesn’t mean you should have to go without.

Catching up with Netflix abroad

Looking up ways to watch Netflix estero will always present you with huge lists of results which may make very little sense. Line after line of companies advertising vpn services for so and so amounts of money.

Netflix Estero

Netflix have been very clever in recent years to start combating actions being taken to watch Netflix abroad, but there are still some vpn services which can get around the blocks in place preventing you from seeing the content you want to watch.

What is a vpn?

A virtual private network ( or vpn ) is a system devised to provide extra security and safety measures so you can surf the web with bare minimum risk of being tracked by a hacker.

There’s multiple installations which keep you and your private data safe, but what really stands out about vpns is the fact they can give you access to other content online.

What is the catch?

No catch. Many VPN service providers can offer a world of content with very little effort. Since the Internet is a very big place, there are often multiple servers located in different regions so as many people as possible can use the services of the vpn provider.

Along with this benefit, it means that users in a different country can also log in to the server so they too can access the content available within the preset boundaries of that country. So if you want to watch UK TV shows from Italy, you can log on to a UK based server and instantly start watching the great shows you have been missing.

But I’m out and about

The good thing about vpn services is that they can also be used on a smartphone. Not as commonly known, some vpn providers also offer their services for mobile devices, meaning there are even more opportunities for you to stay up to date on the latest series you have been missing.

The same security functions apply in the mobile format, just on a smaller screen. When using a streaming service it is highly commended you connect to the Internet through a VPN so you are protected from hackers even while innocently watching TV. Take a look at the service providers first to check for mobile services.