The success of a business depends upon the brand identity built around that business. Besides enhancing the quality of products and services, the company must also focus on marketing the business by stressing on its USPs and key differentiating factors.

Now, when it comes to rebranding a company, things become more critical as changing the brand image can affect the current market position of the business. However, Tata Play being at the forefront of India’s DTH services, has all the tactics up its sleeve. Its rebranding to Tata Play which went effective on January 27, is all over the market. Owing to its unique marketing and promotional strategies, the company has started adding new layers of reputation to its years of legacy.

Let’s dive in to know how the whole rebranding strategy is chalked out and how well it is being pulled off.

Planning Behind the Rebranding

The idea behind the rebranding was conceptualised with the goal to expand Tata Play’s identity as a DTH service provider to a go-to platform for all entertainment needs. The rebranding process was headed by several top officials of Tata Play along with Venturethree and Ogilvy.

Venturethree actively worked to craft the new brand icon of Tata Play and revamp its brand identity. They progressed with the aim of creating a brand that signifies a fresh, bold attitude.

Press Release

With a row of press releases, Tata Play announced its rebranding and summed up all the key changes that the company is bringing out in its services. Titled as “Tata Sky is now Tata Play”, “The Conception of Tata Play”, and “Netflix now available on Tata Play”, the press releases covered all the possible what’s, why’s and how’s of the rebranding strategy.

The press releases received huge responses from all over India and fuelled further marketing campaigns by the company.

Harit Nagpal: Face of the Rebranding Strategy

CEO & MD of Tata Play, Harit Nagpal has been the face of the rebranding. With rows of interviews with the top media houses and news publications, he effectively spread out the mission of the new move and made sure to be specific about the details. The word was well-publicised to spread across the Indian subcontinent and reach several touchpoints.

Television Commercials

Being the giant among DTH service providers of India, Tata Play perfectly knows the hacks of television commercials. The company relentlessly ran multiple TV commercials to connect with the end-users. TV, still being used as a primary entertainment medium in India, works well in setting the link between businesses and customers.

Social Media Ads

With a series of ads, excellently and playfully acted out by Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyamani and R Madhavan, Tata Play subtly carried out its social media promotions. Social media ads have a higher customer reach because most millennials and Gen-Zs are found on various social media platforms.

Wrapping Up

The rebranding strategy of Tata Play has been designed so that it can cater to the growing demands of entertainment lovers. Making OTT content an integral part of the platform, the company is aiming to achieve more versatility and make entertainment easily available for its users.

If you still aren’t a Tata Play user, immediately get a new DTH connection to explore the unlimited entertainment opportunities.