Business is good but it’s not good all the time, Why? Because there are just too many greedy businessmen out there that want’s to monopolize everything. Maybe someday they may even be able to find a way to make people pay for air!

A free mp3 download is a proof to this. It’s no stranger to us that there are websites that offer a free service for it and we all know that this is doable without charging for anything  that is why big businesses are trying to shut these websites down not because it’s illegal but because they will lose money.

free mp3 download

This website is one of them: There are many websites out there that offer free downloads for mp3 files and the like. But none can be compared to MP3 Pico. It’s simple, fast, no ads, all service. Sounds too dreamy right? It is a fact that they don’t even get a single penny from doing it.

There has to be something right? No ads? c’mon? What we don’t see often is that there are good samaritans out there. Future Robin Hoods that made the concept of free download a reality. Believe it, if you don’t try it and see for yourself you might just be left out on one of the best things that will happen to your music experience.

It’s bad news for paid services that have similar function: but if you think about the savings that you can get out of this instead of paying for hundreds of dollars each year; it’s just too good to pass out on.

Go to search the artist or a song, regardless if it’s a youtube link and hit enter. You will then be directed to the results page where you can play or download the file. Regardless if it’s a YouTube file, this website can download it easily and without ads.

Can your internet keep up? Surely you got thousands of music right now in your Spotify. The problem with Spotify is that you can only download the file and save it in the app. If you uninstall Spotify your downloads will be gone. But with MP3 pico? This Is the real deal right here.imagine how many music files you can download for your listening pleasure and can be saved to your storage. Albums, acoustics, live sessions, you name it, this website can download it all.

Why MP3 PICO versus their competition? Their competition is slow has ads, you can’t download YouTube files (it’s where all the best music is), hard to navigate and a ton of ads, never-ending ads, annoying ads, ads, ads, ads and more ads. It’s a turn-off and the reason why people still go for the paid services is mainly. That is what MP3 Pico’s competition will never understand. We get the idea that they need to earn but at the expense of customer experience?

MP3 Pico is a premium service, no ads, no compromise. When it comes to music; you name it, they got it. There is no limitation on what you can download with MP3 Pico, now you can always get the things that you can’t see and download on other paid music subscription websites and apps. With MP3 Pico everything is possible.