Banish the morning blues with a dose of peppy, upbeat numbers from your favourite music app.

Everyone agrees that going to work is anything but fun. Apart from the bother of dragging yourself out of bed to begin a new work week while battling sleep and exhaustion, the commute itself is a seriously boring affair. You could take a train or car to work, or you could even be flying frequently across cities and countries for business.

Whatever your situation, you wish there was a way to banish the travel commute altogether. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones who aren’t allowed a work-from-home scenario and must go to the office every day, then you might as well lighten up the commute with some great music.

How? It’s simple. Just stream music on an online music player or app, and sit back delighted as the cloud of gloom over your head begins to float away.

Here’s what you can do:

* Get your basic tools ready.

It depends on which device you want to stream your music on, which is also determined by how free your hands are when you travel. If you drive to work, you can play music back on your car’s music system or connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. If you take the train or carpool with colleagues, you can plug in headphones on your phone or laptop or tab. Basically, you will need a digital device with sound output and an online music player, and headphones if you’ve got company.

* Get a music app on your phone.

To start with, load your phone with a really great online music player or app. You can find the best online music streaming apps on the Google Play Store (for Android phones and tabs) and Apple Store (for iPhones and iPads). You might need a basic set up – just follow the steps that the app directs you to get started.

* Get your headphones or Bluetooth on.

Most online music player apps are real time streaming platforms. Just install the app on your phone or digital device of your choice, and start playing your favourite music online.

* Start playing music online – there, your travel is better already!

It’s as simple and tap and play. All your favourite music online – Bollywood retro, South Indian film music, rock and heavy metal, trance and EDM, latest Bollywood item songs, etc. – are available for playing at the flick of a key. All you have to do is browse through the selection for a particular genre before you start your commute. You can even create a new playlist for the time that you will be travelling, by quickly adding songs to it from across genres and types. Once created, just plug in your Bluetooth or headphones, and start playing music online. No need to download songs or save them on your digital device for playback later – just stream music whenever you want without any added hassle.

There, isn’t your morning looking up already?