brain games are like puzzles and video games as well as nowadays many sorts of brain-improving things are available in the market. These try to improve memory, IQ, and mental ability as well as hand-eye coordination.

Benefits Of Brain Games

Studies have shown that playing certain games like solitaire or chess will make you better at the  skills required to play those games, according to experts. But “the key thing to remember is that the skill you are getting better at is often incredibly specific and about improving the brain ability,” says experts.

For example, “your ability to remember the cards is trainable, and having card memory skills could be helpful in a variety of card games as brain-related puzzles, but won’t really do anything to improve your chess game, or necessarily do anything to help you learn how to memorize other things more generally speaking.” says, experts.

How Does Brain Training Make Brain Stronger?

Although brain games might not have the magical benefits you hoped for, they are not a total wash as you think already. Turns out, by playing a certain game over and over again, you are actually changing the way your brain works in many different ways. “The benefits engendered by video game play are often the result of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to modify its structure inside brain, chemistry, and function in response to a challenge, expert says. “This phenomenon serves as the neural basis of learning things.”  So As you play brain games, your brain is adapting and rewiring itself to improve its performance.

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Can Brain Games Improve Memory?

Research on the benefits of brain games for memory is not conclusive. Most experts agree, however, that memory-boosting games can actually improve the skills you practice while playing. For example, if you repeatedly test your ability to remember briefly presented visual patterns, you will indeed get better at remembering those patterns.

To enhance your recall ability more generally, experts recommend the so-called “method of loci,” a technique that trains you to picture specific items on a mental list of objects you own in the corner, space, or room where they are placed and you need to just remember that.


The brain is consisting of many sorts of neurons and cells which takes time to adapt to some puzzles and inorder to get the puzzle solved and getting used to it you need to work for some times trying and later on your brain will take less time than before and later even less time so actually the brain games works somewhat.