Unless it goes viral, it is hard to grow a channel on any platform like YouTube or similar websites. Everyone is starting to do it, and the competition is stronger than ever. But, if you follow some basic steps, you will have an advantage over other people that are trying to make a career fast, and there are a lot of them. There are a lot of shortcuts which can help beginners a lot.

You can find online a SoundCloud service ( or websites to help you out. Sometimes you will need a boost which depends on many things like the area you are trying to break through, the genre of your music, and your followers. It is much easier to grow your following if you already have a good fan base. Connecting with other artists in your area is a great way of combining forces and spreading the word.

Quality Content

Before you even start uploading your tracks, you need to set up your account properly. A lot of people are making a mistake here and just write something basic about them which make them uninteresting. Your bio should have something that will attract a user when he reads it. Copy someone that did a great job here and just place details about you.

If you think that everything you put on social media or websites where you can promote your music is great, there is a high chance you are making a mistake. It is always better to check with a few people what they think about your song. When you have a lot of them waiting to be put out, it doesn’t mean you should do it. Either wait for the right moment, or upload the one you think is among the best.

Social Media Accounts

You probably know that there are more users on Facebook or YouTube than on SoundCloud. This means the audience is bigger and so are the opportunities. This also goes for Instagram as one of the most popular platforms to boost your following. Many celebrities don’t spend too much time on social media, but they have someone hired to manage it for them because they understand how important it is.

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Even if your following is small, maybe a larger percent of your followers on Facebook isn’t the same like on SoundCloud which means you can bring fans from other platforms to wherever you like. It may take a lot of time to do so, but when you use them from the beginning it will just become a routine to post on multiple channels.

Professional Approach

It doesn’t matter how big of artist you are and how big budget you have, you can be professional. This doesn’t only applies for the music you make like how good of a studio you have, but also for other details like the way you are representing yourself. Every detail matters because if it looks great you have a higher chance of getting listened to.

For example, when someone looks at an unknown artist, they will first the image on your profile or on a song cover.You might influence them to proceed or just click on someone else. This means you need to have high-quality images that will attract people. They also have to represent you in the right way.

Not many people think about details like images and descriptions, but they matter the same as song quality. Sometimes it is better to hire a professional to help you out and do the right thing then for you to manage everything. It depends on how much you are willing to spend your time and money.


Whenever you see a celebrity take a photo with someone, or respond to someone’s comment, you should know that they always have something from that. Engaging with your audience is essential if you want to keep your fan base and maybe grow it more because of good word of mouth.

People will spread the word is you behave great and respond to their comments. Even liking their pictures will help because they will feel accepted. You can engage with other artists, so their fans can see that you are great and so is your music. Always connect with someone in the same genre, so the audience will be the same. Read more on this page.


Marketing is your friend when it comes to growing, and with a proper plan, you will surely have some success even if your music isn’t as great as someone else. When you expose yourself the right way with the right backstory, people will like it and follow what you are doing. Nowadays, many artists are doing this by promoting bad things so the younger generation will accept them, but that isn’t the only way. There are a lot of great marketing agencies that can help you boost your channel.