Your love story deserves to be framed inside the wide and pretty pattern of your Mehandi images, which has the capability of narrating the entire tale. It entirely depends upon what the pretty bride desires to have on her wedding day.  Utterly beautiful designs that convey the heritage and ethnic culture of the Indian Mehandi images or Indo-western modern patterns of Mehandi Designs.

Mehandi images are not just examples of having ambulant and humongous henna art all over the hands and legs, but it also describes the pretty old memories between the love birds! So, these are some amazing personalized types that you should check out before rooting up for the big decision.

  1. The first letter of the name Mehandi Images

At least once in a lifetime, you have thought about having the initials of your loverboy or dear crush imprinted into the bridal mehndi designs. But for the big day of the wedding, it is about having the initials of your husband. Here, we have multiple ways of curating the name drawn at someplace or the other. But, for the bride, it should be drawn at a visibly broad area.

The exact location can be in the middle of the palm or the lower half of the forearm. Your bridal Mehandi artist should definitely place the words between the patterns of multiple flowers or the exclusive kolkas.

  1. Photographed Mehandi Images

Mehandi designs that have a lot of tiny intricacies are undoubtedly the prettiest. But a Mehandi design which has the portrait of your loved one is really unique. These days, people are actually doing this. They are incorporating the face or at least the close enough portrait of themselves and their better half in the Mehandi design.

The trick is to highlight it in the right area of focus. The top portion of the hand, the porch or the palm. It is best to consult with your professional Mehandi artist. Who has covered more weddings than your total numbers of hair?

  1. Mandala Mehandi Images

Mehandi images are much associated with patterns, themes, and embroidered designs. But Mandala is one of the most commonly used weapons for any Mehandi Artist. A round sleek henna design followed by a lot of other patterns. Here, plays the trick. Tween the Mandala designs, incorporate a few particular objects of your love story.

For example, how you meet with your significant other or any other particular object close to either of you. If you meet on Tinder, add that Logo in your Mehandi design. If you both enjoy watching a particular web series or sport, add that to your Mehandi. Basically narrate your love story with your Mehandi Design.

  1. Events Mehandi Images

Last but not least. “Save the date” Mehandi designs are actually the show stoppers in the Mehandi world. The sass here is to add the exact date of your big day into your Mehandi design.

Along with other patterns and kalkas, adding the wedding date to your Mehandi design is a really nice idea. Not to worry about it, because it is absolutely fine to add your own ideas into the Mehandi images.

  1. Story Mehandi Images

These designs are meant to narrate a story that made the purpose of the Mehandi images. For brides this is the most common practice,m like they try to incorporate their way of meeting up into the Mehandi images. For example, if the couple meets on “Tinder” for the first time, and decided to join hand in marriage then the design would have an elaborated symbol of the application.

Or, for example, if they were old school friends, then the design and Mehandi image of their school would be drawn in. And, a lot more that has a greater impact on the personal reason for getting it. If, they are a quest and they are getting the Mehandi for their friend’s wedding then likewise.

To be honest, a wedding is your day so having everything according to your choice is a must. So, do what you want. No wonder weddings are really hectic, but having the exact wedding choices is most important. Among which choosing the right Mehandi images for your big day stands first. Between thousands of rangoli designs, kalkas, and embroidered patterns, every bride has their own wedding story. So, having that made into their Mehandi images is mandatory! Add your desired design into the Mehandi images or just surf through all the above options!