Ukulele is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of musicians are taking up this instrument and the entire social media is simply in awe of the ukulele.

But what has made ukulele so popular?

Here are some reasons why this has happened.

  1. Easy to Port

Ukulele is one of the smallest musical instruments found in the world. This small size of theirs makes them easily portable. It is also easier to hold this instrument compared to various other instruments. Taking your guitar or a piano to your next trip is a cumbersome task, but in case of ukuleles, you just have to pack it into its small case and voila, its ready to travel the world with you.

  1. Offers a wide range of music

You can play a wide range of songs on your ukulele. Even the songs which are complicated or have difficult chords are easier to play on a ukulele. It takes less time to learn a wide range of songs on this instrument.

  1. User Friendly

Its lite weight, small size and nylon strings, make the instrument very user friendly. If you feel guitar is difficult for you then ukulele can be a good substitute or at least a start. It is easier to press down the strings of the ukulele. Since, it is not heavy at all and easy to hold even kids can try their hand at this instrument. You can learn to play chords on your instrument in just a few of ukulele lessons.

  1. Ukulele chords are easier to learn

Ukulele has just four strings, which makes it simple to learn new chords. Ukulele’s chord shapes are pretty easy to play and even memorize. Chords which are usually played with three or four fingers on the guitar are often played with just one finger on the ukulele.

  1. Ukuleles stand out

Instruments like guitars, pianos etc are a little too common in pop-music these days. Ukulele, however, is relatively unique and has a different sound which is relatively new for the current music soundscape.

  1. They are comparatively cheaper

The cost of ukulele lies somewhere between 75$ to 300$, whereas the range for guitar is between $400 to $500. Ukuleles are cheap because its size is just 1/8th of an average guitar. Therefore, it requires less material and labour.

Ukulele is a beautiful instrument which is not so complicated, yet very versatile. Don’t we all want to learn how to play the guitar? It is such a fascinating instrument but we hold ourselves back due to the difficulty that it poses and the investment that it requires. Playing ukulele eliminates both of these factors and enables us to play our favourite songs on an instrument. Therefore, ukulele can be a great starting point since both, the ukulele and ukulele lessons, are not very expensive and it’s pretty easy to learn. This can help you build confidence for playing other instruments as well and could even motivate you to pursue your interest in music.