rise. Even when one is passing by the subways, they cannot walk past by the street entertainers who have been playing with so much elegancy without listening to them for a while. No matter how busy or late the person is they would stop to listen even it maybe for a seconds because everyone loves live musicians playing music especially in the wedding and reception ceremonies.

These days one can easily go to live musicians or band blog to check out for reviews and book them for singing wedding music on their wedding right from there. The job of live musicians is to put a lot of hard work into thinking out and compilation a song playlist on the basis of the preferences told by the wedding couple. Musicians put a lot of effort into coming out with best wedding music for the processionals and singing a hit dancing list that will keep the guests dancing on their toes all night long.

Thus a live band not just sings in one’s wedding instead it makes the whole wedding experience special and memorable not just for the bride and groom to be, but also for all the guests that took out time from their busy schedules to be part of one’s special day. There is nothing more beautiful than an announcement saying please rise followed by the most beautiful song when the bride starts to walk down the aisle.

A live band of extremely talented and high calibre has the ability and flexibility to perform any genre one wants to hear on their wedding day. One can choose anything from Indie rock to classic rock, from punk to folk music, from pop to hip-hop etc. there is nothing that live band cannot perform properly. A lot of people have extreme likeliness for DJ.

Those people have the misconception that a band is very limited to what and how fast it can perform and change the songs unlike the DJ which is very good at doing this. But people don’t know that fifteen songs is more than enough for one hour of a wedding music performance and most live bands with good number of musicians preferably 6 or more is able to perform enough songs that a couple loves.

The new generation is rewriting rules of the modern day wedding scenario by changing the traditional things and equipping new modern technologies. But some things are so dear to the heart that it means more to the heart than anything. Live music is loved by one’s parents, their friends and the remaining few people will be impressed once the band plays a cool song like rolling stones.

Everyone gets only one chance to sing and dance with their spouse for the first time in their life as a happily married couple. It’s a no-brainer to choose if they want the same recording that has been played for more than 20 years or they want it to be uniquely performed especially for them.